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Services and Key Strengths



WorkCloud's team work with organisations who are investing in first time solutions, together with firms looking to transition from an existing solution.

WorkCloud works with our clients to create or migrate data such as contact information, matter details, documents, accounts and billing. WorkCloud can even work on designing workflows and automation to streamline business operations.


Project Management

Project management is paramount to any succesful transition for organisations. WorkCloud will take the lead and work with our clients with a clear roadmap and blueprint resulting in effective planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, monitoring and ultimate delivery on our clients' new solution.


Workflow Design and Creation

Through the experience of working with over 400+ organisations, WorkCloud's team have the ability to work with our clients to transform current and potential processes within organisation and replicate them through our partner's technology. As not all requirements from organisation to organisation are the same, the team have the ability to help design and orchestrate effective processes, which ultimately drive improved efficiencies for our clients.


Document Migration

WorkCloud's document migration team work with our clients to help transfer documents from exisiting systems. 

Document migration steps:

Analysis: The first step is to take stock of the current situation. How much data should be migrated? Which formats are available? Which data is redundant?

Strategy: A detailed plan is then drawn up to ensure a clean transfer. Which interfaces & software components are required? Which persons have to work on the project?

Proof of concept: Before the actual migration, a feasibility study must be carried out. Is the migration feasible? Does the test run without further problems?

Data migration: After the test run was successful, the actual transfer takes place. Depending on the volume of data, this can take a long time, but usually runs automatically in the background.


Document and Email Design and Coding

Having the ability to automate document creation and email templates is essential for efficiency within organisations. It reduces time and reduces errors in communications both internally and externally for our clients.

WorkCloud's team can deliver brand consistent templates for you, and will work with relevant team members to train and develop them with the ability to create and modify templates to meet changing requirements of your organisation.


Accounting, Billing
and Trusts

WorkCloud's ABT (Accounting, Billing and Trusts) specialists work with our clients through this delicate and sometimes confusing transition for our clients. Our team can deliver:

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Bank file export for batch payments

  • Cash and Accrual options for income and sales tax

  • Cheque printing

  • Creditors

  • Debtors

  • Deposit slips

  • Ensuring your trust liability is always covered by trust funds in the bank

  • Tracking client funds by single or multiple clients

  • Providing plenty of audit trails and reports to keep the auditors happy

  • Visibility of trust position across different matters


Training and Support

WorkCloud's training and support specialists offer exceptional expertise for our clients not only whilst onboarding, but also the ability to tailor programs for clients' current use cases, experience levels towards technology, train the trainer and health checks for changing needs moving forward.

WorkCloud continues this support after go live through support desk and the accessibility for our clients to access our online knowledge portal.


Data Migration

Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another.

This ETL (extract / transform / load) process will need to go through a series of functions in preparation for data migration.

WorkCloud's team will work with clients throughout this process to ensure a smooth and effective transition.



Having visibilty into your systems and across your organisation is pivotal to organisations today.

WorkCloud has the ability to provide reporting capabilities to our clients for content that is releant to them. We have the ability to offer "out of the box" reports or drill a little deeper and deliver customised reports through Microsoft PowerBI to meet the needs of all teams within organisations.

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How It Works

Our Process


  • Familiarising with the client and their business idea (questionnaire, one-on-one meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentations).

  • Discussing existing business processes and drawing the concept of the future project. At this stage, it is critical to align client’s expectations and wishes with realistic deadlines.

  • Defining target audiences of the product.

  • Finding the best solution to the business problems.

  • Determining the scope of work.

  • Setting deadlines and priorities.


Blueprint Delivery

WorkCloud will work on producing and delivering a Blueprint (Scope of Works) document, outlining:

  • Requirements

  • Project costings

  • Resources required

  • Project timeline

  • Inclusions

  • Additional options


During implementation timeframe as outlined by Blueprint, WorkCloud will:

  • Update clients on project milestones

  • Co-ordinate client resources as required

  • Refine, suggest and develop requirements upon client approval and budget


Training and Support

After Go-Live, WorkCloud delivers clients the ability to continue knowledge development and support, through effective programs such as:​

  • Enhanced Support Packages

  • Knowledge base

  • Tailored training sessions:

    • Pre-UAT trainings

    • User trainings

    • Technical training/knowledge transfer

  • Client Health Checks​

  • Workflow design

  • Document Coding

  • Business process consultation

As organisations lead up to rolling out their new solution, the WorkCloud team work with our clients on the following procedure:​

  • The project solution has been reviewed/tested.

  • The project solution has been signed off as ready to deploy live.

  • End-users (employees, groups) have been trained successfully.

  • End-users have access to the new solution they are expected to begin using as of the go-live event date.

  • Post-go-live support has been put in place (help desk, office hours, tutorial videos, guides, etc.).

  • Post-go-live bug identification and issue resolution tracking have been set up.

  • The project solution documentation is complete.

Transformation Journey

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