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Adaptable, All-in-One

Legal Software


With Actionstep, midsize law firms get total control over their future success. Actionstep's comprehensive legal business management platform is built to adapt to a firm’s unique strengths and goals, empowering firms to modernise and build a firm advantage in the legal marketplace.


Actionstep's connected features like client intake, matter management, document management, time tracking, billing, accounting, and business reporting, equips over 38,000 users globally to delight clients, work more profitably, and confidently embrace the future. 


Build your firm advantage with Actionstep. Visit to learn more.


Giving You The Power To Make 

Knowledge Work

iManage has earned its place as the industry standard technology provider for knowledge workers globally. Anywhere work is happening, iManage is providing meaningful context while upholding security and governance for the data under your care. 

As a company, iManage's aim is to open limitless possibilities to advance the cause of making knowledge work for the benefit of people, business, and society. Along with our platform, iManage are democratising innovation in this space by building a vibrant ecosystem of customers, partners, and integrations specifically focused on knowledge work — the nuanced, divergent thinking that creates value.

iManage's unique artificial intelligence and governance approaches provide the confidence needed to imagine a bold future.


Free the knowledge workers in your organisation to transcend the mundane, creating time and energy to make a difference in work and in our communities.

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