Custom Reporting For Actionstep

A range of custom reporting is available.

Excel Reporting with Actionstep List Views

With clever data capture structures and List view creations within ACtionstep we can help you build a reporting suite in Microsoft Excel. This solution is not as powerful as Power BI Solution (below) but can be used as stepping stone before you invest in Power BI.

With Excel we can do

which we can report by a range of attributes such as; by Team, by fee earner, by matter type, by date of transaction etc. Then this is presented in     Excel Pivot Tables and Charts allowing deeper investigation of your practice.

The Excel solution requires you to download the data from Actionstep manually and copy and paste the data into Excel to refresh the reports.

Power BI Dashboard Reporting

This is the most powerful reporting solution available, providing web based reports that you can access online or via your mobile device. Workcloud will extract the data daily from Actionstep and refresh your Power BI Report suite daily.

The solution supports the reporting for WIP. Billed & Collected figures which can be reporting by

Here is an example of the Power BI suite by WorkCloud.