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Actionstep Tune Ups (Free)

Actionstep is a comprehensive and continually-evolving system and it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with all the new features. Many clients have told us that they are probably only using 10% of its capability but would like to use more.


We want to help you get the most out of Actionstep and so we're offering a free 30-minute consult to see how you are using Actionstep currently, and to offer suggestions on ways to improve your experience with Actionstep.

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Actionstep Master Class


There is so much more to Actionstep than Matter, Contacts, Filenotes & Invoicing.


WorkCloud Actionstep Master Classes are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to improve and customise Actionstep for your practice. 


Choose from three different Master Classes or choose or three.   Master Classes are a one day course held in Major Capital cities across Australia. Minimum numbers are required




WorkFlow MasterClass


  • Define your legal process into workflow
  • Capture more matter related data
  • Design your 'Matter Management' processes
  • Workflow for non billable matters
  • Allocate tasks to team members automatically
  • Automatic Emails
  • Generate documents
  • Where is the matter up to Reporting

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Document Automation

  • Assemble your documents with more efficiency, consistency and quality.
  • Generate documents with the right client contact details
  • Create custom merge fields
  • Automate key documents such as your 'Cost Agreement'
  • Setup Email Templates with merge fields



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Sales & Marketing

  • Create & Track Marketing Efforts
  • Track where your work came from
  • Create Non billable and internal project matters
  • Create Web Forms to capture client enquiries direct into ActionStep
  • Sharing Documents via secure client portal




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All Master Classes are subject to minimum numbers - All bookings will be considered 'Tentative' until confirmed by WorkCloud Solutions