The Leader in Cloud-Based Document & Email Management


Enterprise Security & Compliance


Your document stored securely and available to collaborate and access any where you are on any device.


Document Management


Powerful tools for document creation, organisation and editing. With integrations with Microsoft office and a range of applications to allow for a smarter document management with your office.


Email Management


Lets face it; we live on email. And management of email is just as if not more important than management of our documents. With NetDocuments you can use Outlook and drag and drop your emails straight into your matter, client or project-centric workspaces. No longer are your emails separate from the documents



Now you can truly access your documents from where you are on the road, client office or from home.  



  • Send direct links to documents to your clients and colleauges
  • Apply security and link expiration to your shared documents with out IT or uploading them to another system
  • Document approval
  • Version control




WorkCloud Solutions can implement, support and provide training on NetDocument. We can even help integrate Netdocuments with your Actionstep system.

Our WorkCloud team having worked with imanage for over 10+years and with experience in planning, implementing, training and supporting our experience is and background enables us to deliver the right solution for your practice